Atlas F Missile Bases
556th SMS - Plattsburgh, NY
T.O. 21-SM65F-1 (DASH-1)

Sections I and II are presented to familiarize personnel with the SM-65F Missile Weapon System and to define its operational and maintenance requirements.

Section III provides using personnel with the normal operating procedures.

Section IV provides emergency and tactical trouble analysis procedures.

Section V presents the combat crew malfunction isolation procedures.

Sections VI and VII provide operating limitations and crew duties, respectively.

The operations detailed in this manual will require the following technical personnel for their accomplishment:
a. Missile Launch Officer (Missile Combat Crew Commander) (MCCC), Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC)1825D.
b. Missile Launch Officer (Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander) (DMCCC),AFSC 1825D.
c. Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician/Specialist (BMAT), AFSC312X4D.
d. Electrical Power Production Technician/Specialist (EPPT), AFSC543XO.
e. Missile Facilities Technician/Specialist (MFT), AFSC54IXOD

In short, the Dash-1 is the 'Owners Manual' for an Atlas Site.  It contains T.O.s/Procedures to keep the launch facility
operational, enable the launch of a missile and to trouble shoot problems that would occur.

12-14-2010 - Yes, I will be updating the website with the actual Dash-1 over the next few weeks.