Atlas F Missile Bases
556th SMS - Plattsburgh, NY
Below is the cover of the TO used during the Cuban Missile Crisis at Site 1 - Champlain..

Is has been updated to the November 11, 1963 documentation release.
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-- If I get some interest I will post some of the sections before the end of the year.  Otherwise, I'm going to continue to decipher the monthly Air Force Histories for the 556th.  (Some of the histories are barley legible due to poor quality control when they were microfilmed).

-- If you want so see the Dash-1 sections - send me an email and  let me know you're interested.

-- Oh yea, here are some basic stats on the document -
- The original was split between three binders
- The Normal Operating procedures were contained in plastic sleeves to avoid wearing out the pages (this contains the launch procedures also)
- All pages were scanned at 300dpi color
- Speaking of pages, there are 1,270 pages to this TO, not including blank  pages, which were not scanned.
- All of this wraps nicely into a 837MB file (needless to say, I won't put the  entire high resolution file on the website!)