I have many Atlas F related documents, mostly from other websites, so I won't bother posting them.  Instead I will try to publish documents that I have found to be hard to get or searchable OCR'd documents.

The venerable Dash-1 Added by Request

579th Strategic Missile Squadron Silo Familiarization Guide (6.9MB)
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  • Wonder where things used to be on each level and topside, this document will answer your questions!

How much does the silo crib weigh? According to the document below about 3.4 Million pounds!

Another document from SAWE

556th SMS CEBMCO searchable construction history - Very Large file - 14.2 MB!!!
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- This is a transcribed version of the scanned pdf available from other sites
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Atlas F Missile Bases
556th SMS - Plattsburgh, NY
556th SMS
SAC Site Names vs Construction Site Names

SAC CorpsSAC    Corps
  1        1       Champlain       Champlain
  2        2       Alburg             Alburgh
  3        3       Swanton          Swanton
  4        4       Willsboro         Willsboro
  5      10       Lewis               Boquet
  6        5       Au Sable Forks  AuSable Forks
  7      11       Riverview          Sugarbush
  8        6       Redford            Clayburg
  9        7       Dannemora      Chazy Lake
 10      12       Brainardsville    Harrigan Corners
 11        8       Ellenburg  Ellenburg
 12        9       Mooers     Mooers Forks

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ballistic Missile Construction Office (CEBMCO) built the sites. 

The primary contractor was a civilian joint venture - RKMP (Raymond, Kaiser, Macco and Puget Sound companies).

File is 48MB
File is 13MB
High Resolution Searchable PDFs
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 4MB File
April 1964 Updates 
 Form 210
Maintenance Discrepancy Report
Link to Adventure Rider - Pictures of Site 5 - Lewis, Alexander Michael's open house/party on October 25, 2008. Scroll down to see pictures.  May take awhile to load, lots of pictures.
Aerospace Glossary
January 1962
-- Courtesy of Dave Evans