I have been researching Atlas F missile bases for several years and have focused on documenting the Plattsburgh AFB 556th SMS Missile Sites.
New PDF Dash-1 by request: 

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Strategic Air Command Operations in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 - Historical Study No 90 - Vol 1

NORAD-CONAD  Participation in the Cuban Missile Crisis 

Pictures from 2008 of Site 8 - added 8/17/17

Link to Video walk through Site 1
--> Site 1 - Champlain - Video High flyover
--> Site 1 - Champlain - Video Low flyover
--->Site 7 - Riverview  - Video flyover
--> Site 2 - Alburg - Video flyover

- Interested in first hand stories from members of the 556th SMS and a little techinal information about their jobs? --  Then check out the book -  A History of the 556th Strategic Missile Squadron. Available at Amazon or the BYU Bookstore 

REQUEST FOR HELP - Have you or do you know of someone that was involved with the Plattsburgh Air Force Base Missile program?  We are interviewing people to get first hand information from those folks who supported or worked with the missile sites at any time. Please contact me with your stories - atlasmissile@gmail.com - Thank You 
I am very interested in obtaining any candid pictures during the construction or operational periods for these sites.  If you have some pictures or know of someone who does, please click the email address in the 'Contact Me'  button below.
If you have any information, pictures or stories about the missile sites around Plattsburgh, please send me an email.  I want to collect as much information as possible about these sites.

Click here to see a Google Map of the Plattsburgh Sites

So, what does a BMAT do?, what's a DMCCC?, how many men
were on duty at a silo? Click here for the Technical Order that 
defines their jobs!!
So, What is in a Dash-1?  What technical personel are required to execute the procedures?
Atlas F Missile Bases
556th SMS - Plattsburgh, NY

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I've had a chance to read some period documentation and training materials........
So, what job options did an Atlas Missile person have in 1962 you may ask?

According to the January 1962 Aerospace Glossary the Following Career Fields were possible:

1824B Missile Launch Officer (MLO)
3124B Missile Officer (MO)
312XIA Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Technician/Mechanic (BMRGT/M) (SM-65D)
312X2ABallistic Missile Inertial Guidance Technician/Mechanic (BMIGT/M) (SM-65E & F)
312X3ABallistic Missile Control Technician/Mechanic (BMCT/M) (SM-65E&F)
312X3BBallistic Missile Control Technician/Mechanic (BMCT/M) (SM-65D)
312X4BBallistic Missile Analyst Technician/Specialist (BMAT/S) (SM-65D)
312X4CBallistic Missile Analyst Technician/Specialist (BMAT/S) (SM-65E)
312X4DBallistic Missile Analyst Technician/Specialist (BMAT/S) (SM-65F) .
312XSBBallistic Missile Checkout Equipment Technician/Specialist (BMCET/S) (SM-65D)
312XSCBallistic Missile Checkout Equipment Technician/Specialist (BMCET/S) (SM-65E)
312XSDBallistic Missile Checkout Equipment Technician/Specialist (BMCET/S) (SM-65F)
312X6BBallistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician/Specialist (BMLET/S) (SM-65D)
312X6CBallistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician/Specialist (BMLET/S) (SM-65E)
312X6DBallistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician/Specialist (BMLET/S) (SM-65F) 
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